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Norwegian EV Association funded by ClimateWorks: Will promote EV adoption outside Norway

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SOUGHT AFTER: The Norwegian EV Association’s knowledge and experience is increasingly sought after all over the world. Now, the Association has been delegated funds in order to help similar organisations encourage and advance consumer-oriented EV policies in a their countries. A project which Helene Sommerset Busengdal and Markus Nilsen Rotevatn will be spearheading. Foto: Gro Matland Nevstad / elbil.dev05.dekodes.no

An international climate organization has delegated funds to the Norwegian EV Association, in order to work alongside and assist emerging EV Associations in other countries.  

“The Norwegian advancement of electric vehicles, as well as the Norwegian EV Association’s key role in this development, is a unique phenomenon. Our experience is routinely requested, and now we have the resources to offer it”, notes secretary general of the Norwegian EV Association, Christina Bu.  

The international non-profit climate organization ClimateWorks Foundation is the financial benefactor of the project.

Through their financing, other EV associations from around the world will receive inspiration and assistance to further their goals – based on the experience and success of the Norwegian EV Association.  

Connects billions with climate organizations

ClimateWorks is a global platform for philanthropy, delegating funds provided by philanthropists such as Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and a number of other benefactors.  

Feel free to read more about the donors here.

The common denominator for all of these benefactors is their aspiration to fight the climate crisis through supporting both local and international projects all over the world.  

Since the start in 2008, ClimateWorks has donated 1.3 billion dollars to more than 600 beneficiaries, in close to 50 countries.

HAPPY FOR THE FUNDING: Secretary general Christina Bu in the Norwegian EV Association.

The Norwegian EV Association now finds itself among these. An incredibly exciting opportunity, notes Bu.  

“It is unusual that a Norwegian organization – which may be considered relatively small on the global scale – receives backing from a foundation of this magnitude.”  

Consumer-oriented political influence

ClimateWorks is particularly interested in the role consumer-based organizations, such as the Norwegian EV Association, play in the development of policies which encourage reduced emissions from the transport sector.  

The Norwegian EV Association will contribute to this goal by extending their experience and expertise to EV associations in a number of countries where the potential for EV development is large, but currently relatively untapped.  

The Norwegian EV Association’s TEDx Talk sent with push notification to 38 millions:

– If it can be done in Norway, it can be done anywhere!

In these markets, it may be crucial to build strong consumer-based organizations with the capacity to influence political processes on a national level.  

“EV policies encompass more than just vehicles and technology. It is first and foremost about meeting the everyday needs of people. Such a comprehensive shift in technologies will depend on the consumers steadily following along”, states Markus Nilsen Rotevatn.  

To develop and lead this project, the Norwegian EV Association relies on the capacities of their longstanding team members.

Markus Nilsen Rotevatn and Helene Sommerset Busengdal have each contributed their expertise to the association for years, with backgrounds spanning political advisory, organizational development, and international co-operation.  

PUTTING THE CONSUMERS IN CHARGE: From their office in Oslo, Norway, Helene Sommerset Busengdal and Markus Nilsen Rotevatn will work with organizations in countries that are «up and coming» EV nations.

They both believe this project may have great significance for the future.  

“Electrifying the vehicle fleet is a highly important part of the work against climate change. Too important to be left to manufacturers, charging operators, and tech-giants alone”, says Busengdal.  

Cannot be left unattended

Discovering ways to reduce CO2 emissions is an urgent matter. One which the UNs climate panel drew attention to this spring:  

“We are running out of time, but not out of options to address climate change”, was the statement provided by the UN Climate Change Executive Secretary, Simon Stiell.  

An obvious part of the solution is the transition away from fossil fuel-based transport, and EVs are increasingly noted as a solution to the alarming trend we observe worldwide.

However, roadblocks routinely deter or halt this development. 

Electric car sales in 2022:

Norway celebrates another record-breaking year for electric vehicles

“In fact, wherever there is an upsurge in EV development, there are actors quickly attempting to slow it down as well. And in those cases, a well-organized consumer base is crucial”, says Rotevatn.  

He has worked alongside the local branches of the Norwegian EV Association for many years, discovering and championing political solutions and policies.   

“When others try to deter, we find it is the EV drivers who contribute to making EVs an easy and obvious choice for the people around them. They are the ones to credit for the continued acceleration of EV adoption”, adds Busengdal.  

Previously, she has been in charge of the Norwegian EV Association’s annual EV driver survey. Which has provided great insight into the requirements and necessities of consumer-friendly EV policies. 

A classic example of deterrence in EV development is Germany’s latest attempt to dilute ambitious EU goals

Non-stop myth-busting

Other persistent roadblocks include the continual myths surrounding EVs, and as electrification expands to new countries, the myths follow suit.

These include a range of suppositions, from EVs actually being less environmentally friendly than ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) vehicles, to EVs being fire hazards, and many more.  

The Norwegian EV Association has a longstanding history of disproving these myths.  

“In the past few years, electric mobility has proved to be an important part of the global climate work. And in this context, the Norwegian EV Association has become increasingly relevant», notes Rotevatn.

He feels the tireless campaigning the Norwegian EV Association has carried out in Norway has been crucial, and without it we might have had a very different reality than what we see today.  

“Having a voice of opposition has been decisive in Norway, and I think it will be just as crucial in other countries as well.”  

Rotevatn highlights the necessity of debunking these myths regarding electric mobility. 

“I believe this is something the Norwegian EV Association is especially equipped to help with.”  

In late March, Al Jazeera extended an invitation to Secretary General Bu, wishing to discuss the sustainability of electric vehicles:

STREAM OF EXPERTS: In addition to Christina Bu, Professor Alissa Kendall from University of California and author Henry Sanderson participated in the TV program «The Stream». The latter has written the book «Volt Rush: The Winners and Losers in the Race to Go Green».

Please read the summary of the debate here.

Annual EV conference in Norway

Since its beginning in 1995, the Norwegian EV Association has created an extensive network, both nationally and internationally.

This May, the Association hosted the Nordic EV Summit for the 6th time – by many consider to be the most important e-mobility conference in Europe.  

Several of the Norwegian EV Association’s collaborators entered the stage, including the head of the Electric Vehicle Association in Costa Rica, Silvia Rojas Soto

Busengdal was hosting the conference together with YouTube-sensation Jack Scarlett from “Fully Charged Show”

The Norwegian EV development is considerably ahead of the global curve, with over 80 percent of new car sales being fully electric.  

“This has given us a great deal of knowledge and experience. Here at the Norwegian EV Association, we now feel we may contribute to other countries as well. And especially to organizations who are aiming to work in a similar fashion to us”, says Busengdal. 

In 2024 the Nordic EV Summit will be held 4th and 5th of April in Norway. 

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