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Presentations from Nordic Smart Electric Transport Conference 2015

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Here are all the presentations from our Nordic Smart Electric Transport Conference 2015 in Oslo November 19-20, 2015.

Norway is a renowned World leader regarding EV policy, but are the other Nordic countries following suit? What´s cooking when it comes to innovation leading to smart electric mobility?  These and many other questions was discussed under the Nordic Smart Electric Transport Conference 2015. We hope you enjoyed the conference and want to join us next year! The conference was hosted by Norsk elbilforening (Norwegian EV Association), Electric Mobility Norway, NCE Smart Energy Markets and Nordisk energiforskning (Nordic Energy Research). Download the presentations by clicking on the links in the programme below.

Day 1

Velcome – Svend Søyland (N), Nordic Energy Research EV heaven or hell – What is the situation in the different nordic countries? Enovas support to charging infrastructure in Norway – Konrad Pütz, (N) Senior advisor, Enova SF Smart Energy Hvaler – A path towards Smarter Cities – Thor Moen (N), Special Advisor on Smart City, NCE Smart Energy Markets, Norway Listen to your city – Magnus Broback (S), City Mobility Director, Volvo Norway – Opportunity in leading the mobility revolution – Rami Syvari (FIN), Program Manager International Expansion and Country Manager Finland, Fortum Charge & Drive Where do we go from here? – David Greaves, Business Development Director, EV Infrastructure, Schneider Electric Challenged in Denmark but expanding abroad – Mads Bundgård Harder-Lauridsen (DK), Business development Director, Clever Challenges in a juvenile market – Lennart Garpenstedt (N), Global R&D manager, ePower, Kongsberg Automotive Democratizing energy – a global wave – Nils Christian Lærdal (N), Commercial Manager Zaptec AS Overcoming barriers to electric-vehicle deployment in the United States – K. John Holmes (US), Associate Director, Board on Energy and Environmental Systems How to achieve climate reduction, value creation and jobs – Dr. Per Robert Sandberg (N), Head of secretariat, Government Expert Commission on Green Competitiveness

Day 2

The future is here for autonomous driving. Experience from the Robosoft Solution Building the future today – Gilbert Gagnaire, CEO, Robosoft Building the future today – Pierril Pouret, EV Director, Nissan Nordic Europe


EV charging with advertisement funded service–  Juha Stenberg (FIN), Managing director, Ensto Chago Roaming solutions for more user friendly charging – Jaakko Liesmäki (FIN), Head of Services, Virta Ltd. Birdie Cloudcharge – The link between nature and the electric future – Hedda Heyerdahl (N), Development manager, Salto


Mobility-on-Demand and Beyond: visions of future transport solutions for business – Jan-Olaf Willums, (N) Chariman of the Board, Move About AS Mobility-on-Demand and Beyond: visions of future transport solutions for business – Pernille Aga (N), Ruter Mobility as a service – Ksenia Stanishevski, Halogen


Mobility as a service – Peter Bach Andersen (DK), researcher, DTU ChargeFlex – Increased grid capacity for EV charging through smart management of available flexibility – Stig Ødegaard Ottesen, (N) Head of R&D at eSmart Systems/PhD candidate at NTNU, Norway Integrated energy storage at fast charging stations – Thomas Martinsen (N), Researcher, Narvik University College, Flexchev project Why open data, and how to use open data in public and private transportservice – Frank Rognstad (N), Direktor Digital Consulting & Solution at Acando Norge


Experiences of inductive charging in Sweden – Stefan Pettersson (S), Research Manager Electromobility, Viktoria Swedish ICT Smart Charging with Nanogrid effect distribution control – Patrik Lindergren (S), CEO ChargeStorm EV owners open a new market for solar energy – Per Urdahl (N), CEO, Solel The user perspective on e-mobility – Adam Balfour (N), Managing Director, Human Factors Solutions AS, Norway   Can the grid cope with 100 % electric cars? – Johan Chr. Hovland (N), SVP Corporate Communications and Public affairs, Hafslund ASA Electric vehicles in the future Nordic powersystem – Bente Monica Haaland (N), Executive Vice President, strategy and communication Statnett