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Norway now has the world´s No. 1 fast charging station

Denne artikkelen ble oppdatert for over ett år siden, og kan inneholde utdatert informasjon.

150 Tesla owners showed up for the historic opening at rural Nebbenes, some 60 kilometers north of EV capital Oslo. The majestic fast charging station can charge 28 electric vehicles simultaneously.

Tesla country manager Pål Simonsen, manager Jan Haugen Ihle of Fortum Charge & Drive and secretary general Christina Bu of the Norwegian EV Association (Norsk elbilforening) were the obvious speakers (headline picture) at the both historic and festive event Thursday 1 September. All of them were happily astonished by the massive turnout, with both EVs and owners all over the place. «Today we represent more than 35,000 EV owners, making us the biggest EV owners organization in the world. More than 3,000 of those drive a Tesla, the rest drive a large selection of different models and makes. I think it´s wonderful to get a fast charging station where a total of 28 EVs are able to fast charge at the same time,» said Secretary General Christina Bu. Ståle Frydenlund / elbil.dev05.dekodes.noThe 20 Supercharger stalls share a total power output of 2 MW, and will be open 24/7. Fortum Charge & Drive´s part of the station has four fast chargers (CHAdeMO and Combo/CCS, 50 kW DC) and four 22 kW (AC) charging points. «Food and kilowatt hours for years to come» «What we have accomplished in Norway would have been impossible without extremely devoted partners, both here in Nebbenes and at our other 26 stations (with a grand total of 216 stalls) nationwide.» «Today I would like to thank Morten Østnor and Per Nebbenes of Nebbenes tavern, who have been very important contributors in making this come true. They are now going to serve us food and kilowatt hours for years to come. Thank you!» Ståle Frydenlund / elbil.dev05.dekodes.no «I would also like to thank all Tesla owners. Our mission would have been impossible without you. And I am pretty sure that this Supercharger has been the most requested lately. We have been pushed quite hard, and we try to comply with your wishes as best we can. Our single most important task is to accelerate the world´s transition to sustainable energy, and we are doing it through devoted ambassadors like you. This is our next step, and we are very proud to take it with you,» Tesla country manager Pål Simonsen said. «Great international significance» «This grand opening also has great international significance. The world looks to us. It gets inspired. We experience just that through weekly visits and inquiries from politicians, journalists, enthusiasts and other stakeholders.» Ståle Frydenlund / elbil.dev05.dekodes.no «I would like to thank Tesla for pushing other car manufacturers in the right direction, and also for taking responsibility for fast charging. They show everything is possible. I would of course also like to thank Fortum Charge & Drive for being a major force in the development, both here and elsewhere. They have – unlike many others – realized that this is the future, investing in fast charging at a fast pace. Their contribution is highly appreciated among Norwegian EV owners,» Secretary General Christina Bu said. «Universal fast charging stations are important» Jan Haugen Ihle of Fortum Charge & Drive emphasized the greatness of taking part in building the world´s biggest fast charging station. Ståle Frydenlund / elbil.dev05.dekodes.no «Making it universal in order to make every EV model able to charge is key to us. I would also like to thank the people here at Nebbenes tavern for their cooperation, making the development happen rather quickly. Our part of this fast charging station is a part of our network for all EVs in southern Norway, making it possible to drive from Oslo to Trondheim. So far this year we have installed 160 fast chargers, with more to come before the years´s end.» PS. We will also publish a video from the event next week. Stay tuned! Ståle Frydenlund / elbil.dev05.dekodes.no